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International missions



  • Good News Productions

    A Team of Global Innovators Working Together For Strategic Evangelism. They connect the dots between Christians who understand the cultures where they live and people who can put effective tools for spreading the Gospel in to their hands. 

  • TCM International Institute

    Developing Christian Leaders Through Higher Learning. TCM trains & fosters indigenous Christian leaders for the purpose of reaching their own countries, cultures and churches for Christ; providing 'field base' learning environment.

  • New International - Transforming Lives Globally

    New International exists to proclaim Christ & make disciples globally. Our vision is to join with God to restore His dominion on earth, as evidenced by people of all nations: Worshiping God. Experiencing continuous life transformation. Fulfilling their God-given purpose. Fostering the emergence of Jesus-following communities. New International is a Christian mission sending agency equipping and supporting overseas missionaries. 

  • Impact Liberia Missions

    ILM exists to promote new testament Christianity in Liberia, West Africa by empowering the local church to disciple its members and develop leaders while planting new churches. Providing Liberian national missionaries with financial support, prayer, training and mentoring. 

  • New Life

    Since the late 1970's when the Mackinnons visited a small orphanage in Kerala, India, New Life Christian Missions has been intentional about sharing the Gospel throughout India. Currently supporting and directing over 40 church plants, two orphanages, and a medical center in Nepal, New Life Christian Mission continues to seek ways to advance God's Kingdom throughout all of Asia.

  • SALT - Serving Arabs Leadership Team

    SALT vision is to make Christ available to Arabs worldwide in their native tongue through this safe and protected online environment Arab Christians will be adequately equipped to grow God's church in Arabic speaking communities. 

  • Milligan University

    Our commitment to Christ-centered liberal arts education has lead Milligan to become a growing, well-respected liberal arts collage. Because of our emphasis on scholarship, community and faith, students come from all over the world to experience our distinctively different approach to higher education. 

  • Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan

    For over 50 years, Emmanuel has brought together strong academics, a commitment to ministry both at home and abroad and true discipleship in a loving Christian community in order to train the next generation of leaders in ministry. 

  • Kentucky Christian University

    Kentucky Christian University is a private non-profit Christian university. For nearly a century, KCU has been transforming the hearts and mind of students through a Christ-centered academic community that is both academically rigorous and intimately personal. 

  • Christian Children's Home of Ohio

    Residential Treatment Center provides a safe structured environment to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of children from all across Ohio who have been abused, neglected and traumatized by people they should have been able to trust the most. Children 6-18 live in spacious cottages and are provided with therapeutic, social, spiritual and educational opportunities designed to aid in the healing process. 

  • Salvation Army of Painesville

    Providing a variety of programming throughout the year to people in need. Assistance can vary from a food bag, to help with utility disconnection, or even clothing and furniture. We may help a young child struggling with school, a person trying to overcome challenges associated with substance abuse addiction, or a senior unable to get out of their home. Whatever crisis the family is experiencing, The Salvation Army is there to listen and provide comfort and support.

  • Blue Rock Christian Camp

    Strengthening the unity of area churches in North East Ohio. Providing educational opportunities and assisting in the evangelistic efforts of the churches both individually and corporately.  Offering Camps, retreats and hosting special events to the community. 

  • BASIC. Brothers and Sisters In Christ

    Founded by former member and elder of FCC. Once retired, Joe Brennan along with his wife Lori, established a support mission for churches in the Philippine Islands; Lori's home country. They both frequently travel to the Philippines to help existing churches and assist in starting church plants. 


    Dry goods are stocked by members of FCC and food is distributed based on referrals given from LifeLine Inc. of Lake County. Residents of Lake County will need to network directly with a representative of LifeLine by dialing 211 and registering first before food can be distributed.